A Second Chance!

When I was in the USAF stationed in Germany I worked in the Vogelweh Rod & Gun club part-time. This was during my off time from active duty, basically to support my shooting hobby and to secure good deals during sales the store had. I worked as a sales clerk and additionally as a range […]

Forums Worth Following

Like most gun loonies I belong to a number of forums. They are a great source of collecting experiences, information and generally keep up with all the newest bullets, powders and loads. Over the years I have registered and subscribed to no less than 50 forums or so. Out of all of them, my favorites […]

416 Wby Mag and Pronghorn?

Anyone who knows me knows I love Weatherby Rifles. In fact, I currently own all the popular calibers and in different configurations! Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure to hunt Africa…YET! Truth is it is not like me to have all these rifles and not “bleed them”. So a few years ago I decided […]

The 223 Remington

I have always had great respect and love for the 223 Remington. I have literally fired tens of thousands of rounds at targets, prairie dogs, and other varmints. If there is a low recoiling, enjoyable, versatile round this has to be it. Couple the above with its miserly appetite for powder and you have a […]

Vihtavuori N570

Finally I was able to acquire some. For those who don’t know this powder is made in Finland and it’s supposed to be extremely uniform and the “5” in 570 indicates high energy. I will be testing this powder as soon as possible in my 30-378 & 338-378. I will keep you posted.