Cut down Remlin XLR

For those who do not know I bought a Marlin XLR (Remlin)in 30-30 Winchester a while back. I hated the 24″ tube on the gun so I had it cut down to 21″ and had it re-crowned. Now it handles like a rapier in the hands of an expert swordsman. This is it before. And […]

The Magnificent 444 Marlin

My passion for lever action rifles and cartridges has never been a secret. Ever since I was a small boy my choice of movies were always westerns had I been given the choice. Years later when I start building my rifle battery I came to my first lever action choice. After many days of looking […]

Weatherby MKV 338-378

For the upcoming hunting season, I decided not to wait until the last minute and work up loads and/or verify them at distance. Today I decided to try my WBY 338-378 accumark. All loads were fired at 200 yards to give me a general insight of what the rifle setup and loads will do. I […]

Weatherby Inc. Moving to Wyoming!!

From Adam Weatherby. Just FYI! “It’s official. After 73 years in California, @weatherbyinc is moving to Wyoming. I am honored and humbled to lead this family legacy into the future and look forward to the new adventures that lie ahead. Although we will be leaving behind many great friends, we are truly excited to start […]

The 6.5 x 300 Weatherby

The latest overwhelming popularity of 6.5mm bullets is ever prevalent these days. Moreover, the introduction of relatively new chamberings and rifles such as the 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Creedmore, and the high stepping 26 Nosler have boosted popularity even more. Now Weatherby is not known for sitting on its laurels when they see a good thing […]

A Second Chance!

When I was in the USAF stationed in Germany I worked in the Vogelweh Rod & Gun club part-time. This was during my off time from active duty, basically to support my shooting hobby and to secure good deals during sales the store had. I worked as a sales clerk and additionally as a range […]